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How To Find Lost Backlinks? - eGoodMedia

How about approaching a backlink tracking tool? It is a reliable, time-saving & revolutionary technique through which you can also get notified whenever you lose a potential backlink out there. Ahrefs Site Explorer is the best option we’d recommend in this context. The tool comes with a free as well as premium version as per your convenience. It is a reliable website analysis tool that helps you not only track your backlink status but also other SEO parameters. To find missing links through Ahrefs Site Explorer follow these steps:

  • Visit the Ahrefs Site Explorer
  • Login to your account or create one if you don’t have
  • Link the same to your domain address
  • After that, go to your “Admin Dashboard”
  • Now click on “Referring Domains” associated with your website 

This way you can easily inspect the essential backlinks that you’ve lost without prior discussion & knowledge. You’ll be able to list down the prospective referral domains & webmasters whom you can reach out to & request your link reclamation. 

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